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Costas Kleanthous

´╗┐Welcome to Portobello Road, the world’s largest antiques market, with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectable. The market is open every Saturday while the shops are open six days a week.
Market Days start gradually from around 5.30am with trading between dealers from the UK and overseas. Most stall holders have arrived by 8.00am and the market is in full swing for the rest of the day, with collectors and visitors from all over the world.
The shops and stalls of Portobello Road offer an extraordinary variety of goods ranging in price from
a few pounds to several thousands.

´╗┐Visitors come from all over the world because they know that in Portobello Road they will find the most extensive selection of antiques in Britain.
This website, lists all the dealers who belong to the Portobello Road Antiques Dealers Association (PADA) together with local services and trade suppliers. PADA members subscribe to the Code of Practice shown on the back cover. This ensures that customers get as much information as practicable about the goods they intend to buy and that the transaction is properly documented.
So, when you’ve found just what you’re looking for, you can buy with confidence from a PADA dealer.
Look for the PADA symbol on their shops or stalls -
and happy hunting!

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Members of PADA must:

1. Either show the full price of each item clearly on a ticket or have a book in which the description of each item and its full price are recorded. This information must be shown to potential customers on request.
2. Give customers as much information about each item as is reasonably possible: for example, the materials from which the item is made, the name of the maker if known, the approximate date of manufacture and any major restoration.
3. Issue customers with a proper invoice showing the description of the item as shown on the label or described verbally, the price at which the item was sold and the name, address, telephone number and VAT registration number, if applicable, of the member.
4. Record all payments or deposits clearly, showing the terms on which the advance payment or deposit was taken and the date on which the balance must be paid.
Members must not:
1. Misrepresent or attempt to confuse or mislead members of the public or falsely describe any item they are attempting to sell or buy.
2. Misrepresent their membership of PADA as a guarantee of authenticity of any item offered for sale.
PADA offers a conciliation service for customers and members who feel that they have been unfairly treated and where customer and member have not been able to resolve their dispute. Members are expected to co-operate in this procedure.

The Association has the following honorary officers:

Costas Kleanthous,

Geoffrey Knowles,

Ann Swift.

Company Registration No. 3086215. Registered in Cardiff, Wales.

Contact information

Portobello Road Antique Dealers Association
111 Portobello Road W11 2QB

Te/Fax: 020 7229 8354 (ANTIQUES ENQUIRIES ONLY)

E-mail: (antique enquiries only)

Internet: www.antiquesportobelloroad.co.uk

GET A PDF COPY OF THE OFFICIAL GUIDE - just click on the picture of the guide

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